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Writer-Director Mike Mills put forward his bitter reality of his mother death, followed by father’s confession of being gay – after his 44 years of marriage – on big screen. Beginners (2010) shows relationships of Oliver (Ewan McGregor) to significant people in his life cut into three different nostalgic moments including his newfound relationship.

Uncommon father-and-son relationship between Hal (Christopher Plummer) and Oliver takes much on focus. The movie seems to message about accepting homosexuality. Despite knowing his father’s terminal cancer, Oliver takes Dad’s romantic relationship with a younger man Andy (Goran Visjnic) wholeheartedly. Fireworks sparkle up and people cheering as an opening is a gift from Andy for hospitalized boyfriend Hal, in a form of video tape, adds a heartwarming scene. Woe and dread of mortality eased up the situation because of facetious Hal figure – talk to his dog and enjoys house music in a club – and delightful gay pals.

While still grieving about mother’s death, Oliver commemorates what he had with his mom with little to no father presence in his childhood. Quirky mom raises little Oliver quaintly: refuses to be a good citizen, enjoin Oliver to scream his anger out loud and let underage Oliver drive her car. This portion doesn’t really adds anything to the plot but to illustrate memories which a little annoying – back and forth plot jumps without warning – but still understandable.

Devastated Oliver decides to go to a costume party for no other reason than get over gloom with father’s Jack Russell Terrier, Arthur.  Dress up as Sigmund Freud, Oliver expects the fake moustache and beard could hide his grief. Unforeseen encounter with Anna (Melanie Laurent) who spots his feelings at the time grows into a later long-lasting relationship. Anna’s turn-out in in Oliver’s life gives some light to his poignant existence and chance to rise. 

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Tom Cruise Mission:Impossible refused to number the fourth franchise and comes back (2011) with tittle Ghost Protocol. After M:I3 directed by J.J. Abrams, animation whiz Pixar veteran Brad Bird is now in charge – also as his debut in live-action feature. Oscar winning Bird who formerly directed “Ratatouille,” “The Incredibles” and “The Iron Giant” imprints his cachet of impressive visuals and enthralling action scenes in this tittle. Bird ingeniously enlivens the visual by filming key actions with 65 mm camera and Imax – adding two outrageous scenes, epic explosion and skyscraper scaling.

Written by Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec, this time the IMF team is on a mission to halt a Russian Nuclear by securing the launch code kept in Kremlin, also coveted by nihilist Kurt Henricks (Michael Nyqvist) who wants to snatch it to instigate nuclear war, and against the time bomb. Aside from pulsating theme music and rubber mask, nifty-gadgets is one of Mission: impossible attributes that always go with Ethan Hunt along his role. Ally Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), a techno geek that restrains the apparatuses managed to penetrate the Moscow prison security to liberate locked-up Ethan Hunt.  Following, Ethan, Benji and robust female agent Jane Carter (Paula Patton) continue their missions to take the missiles launch code in Kremlin archive room. A scrim that project the exact image of the hallway to camouflage them from security guard is one clever trick though unfortunately later Kurt who were there for the code prior, blow off Kremlin to clear his trace which induce a misconception to Russian end that Ethan and the team were the one set the explosion.

After the blast IMF is exterminated, co-star Jeremy Renner staring William Brant comes in join the force, as requested by the president to secretly resume the mission, without the government support and prior plan. Tension is at its peak when Ethan undauntedly climbs the tallest skyscraper in Dubai as well as the world, Burj Khalifa. With only tacky electric gloves that support him going up the glass walled tower and no safety rope, he attempts to reach computer server storage in 130th floor. Wonderful camera movement and smooth sequences get my palm sweat, and it’s not just that, state gets tense when the gloves power off.

Cruise performance is seemingly goes beyond boundaries, knowing that he handled the stunt work himself. And that wasn’t fruitless infestation to produce this spectacular piece.

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While others compared the last Batman trilogy to the two predecessors, I simply think The Dark Knight Rises is a nifty piece everyone must watch. I must admit I’m not a movie aficionado or Batman – haven’t watch or recall any prior Batman pictures – but this time Bruce Wayne not-so-heroic action has made me came back for my second times, and possibly the third times. Christopher Nolan has put a good array of twists, wits, intricacies, and the necessary war to the story that induce to an amazing 146 minutes.

The outset when CIA agents took scientist Dr. Pavel, which I didn’t recognize he was a nuclear scientist until he played around with the fusion reactor, with 3 hooded hostages in a military aircraft was unexpected, breathtaking and I should say a little enigmatic.  Though it is a great introduction for the main villain Bane (Tom Hardy) who crashed down the plane took only him and Dr. Pavel to a larger aircraft, Hercules C130, which was set as a part of his plan. One thing in my mind – I don’t understand why Bane transferred Dr. Pavel’s blood to a corpse.

Retired Batman with a cane and many beaten-ups, not as robust as I was expected, may be essential aspects that hook to the tittle itself. Also the long span absences and problematic plot that took much part of the movie impair the main character solid personage. That’s how the story is which I think what makes it enticing; adding Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) slick action, Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) dashing character, favorably overthrow Bane. The seconds before Bane blew the football field up, adding the shrilly boy voice singing Gotham anthem, was a really take me to a fright.

A nearly-unexpected wrap up is brilliant but a little indistinct.

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I did this a few months ago. This is a part of my internship project and I think the project idea is brilliant. Two thumbs up for David Zucker the creator of Solution for Peace! Please check it out at


INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

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Long time no see! good news: I have a new blog; bad news: my concentration is more for the other blog. Though, I still love this blog. Lately, I made a PSA about racism. This is a fun project for me because I can crate and publish something. The best thing is this a part of a project called "Solution for Peace PSA" Well, hopefully a lot of people enjoy my video and I can do better each day!

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My school project for my lighting class - Cooperative crews, great actors, smooth improvisation, and zero budget. Also check it out on my youtube